Our Story

Our attraction to coffee culture is and will remain to be an integral part of who we are as a business because coffee allows us to connect with one another!

When was the last time you connected with a good friend over a coffee? A good story is engrained within us. We connect with one another over coffee by telling stories and sharing personal experiences. So grab your coffee and take a seat while we talk to you one-on-one about our journey.

We originally began as 'Coffee and The Couch' before 'Cuppify' was started. Cuppify began with a passion and a drive to educate and change the way that people drink coffee at home. Our journey was started at the beginning of 2020, as many of us were beginning to spend a lot more time in our homes.

During a time that luxuries and experiences were taken away from us, coffee did not have to be! After all coffee should be enjoyed fresh from the roaster just as if you were visiting your favourite cafe.

The feeling of opening that coffee bag for the first time at home is an experience that should be relished as you let those wonderful aromas fill your space!

Our business may have been founded in 2020, but our passion and drive for 'coffee culture' has been at the core of who we are  for a very long time!


Hayden - Owner and Operator / Bean Juice Enthusiast (Self-Proclaimed)
Coffee is more than just a beverage to me. I started working with coffee when I was 16 years of age. I hardly knew anything about coffee at that time. As I progressed through the hospitality industry, I just continued to love the way that coffee brought people together and my curiosity grew.

At 20 years of age I began managing my first café. It was at this point that I really started to spend a lot of time behind the coffee machine. I could not get enough! I was reading every coffee magazine, every blog and watching every YouTube Video possible to learn more about coffee and how to pour latte art. 

Teaching others how to make coffee and sharing my knowledge was as equally rewarding as learning myself. I was truly enjoying all the different roads that joined together to 'umbrella' coffee and the experiences it could provide to make people happy. 

After 7 years of serving countless customers and providing Adelaide with it's daily bean juice each and every day, Cuppify was started! I've always had a passion for e-commerce and exploring online brand development. Mixing my experiences from front-line customer service with the endless opportunities in the online space felt really natural. 

It was absolutely fundamental that as a brand, we delivered local products that reflected South Australia's thriving coffee scene. Partnering with BLK MRKT Coffee Roasters has allowed us to achieve this goal. We love working along side them and we won't stop supporting local roasters.

I would also love to thank all of our amazing customers that have made the progression of Cuppify possible. Your support means everything to us. Watching our customers share their coffee journeys at home is incredibly rewarding".