Why You Need A Coffee Machine For Home - Huge Savings!

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Coffee and the couch

Okay caffeine addicts! You're going to either love me or hate me for what i'm about to show you. 

I know you all love your morning coffee and by all means, this post is not to convince you to stop drinking coffee (I would never). 

Let's take a moment to analyse how much your daily brew is hurting your pocket. 

The Real Cost Of Buying Coffee(s) Everyday

How much coffee do you drink per day? Take a moment to pick a number..

For most of us, that number ranges between 1-3 coffee's per day. The average medium sized coffee will cost you $5 before adding any extras. 

Now for the following example I am going to assume you're spending $6 a day on coffee. I have done this because adding alternative milk or upgrading to a large size usually costs around $6 (This figure might vary for some of you).


Now lets do the math on One $6 Coffee Per Day:

  • $6 per day
  • $42 per week
  • $168 per month
  • $2,184 per year

Yes... that's a whopping $2,184 per year!


Let's see this figures for those of you buying two coffee's or living with a partner and buying one ($6 coffee) each:

  • $12 per day
  • $84 per week
  • $336 per month
  • $4,368 per year

These figures are astounding... 

However to make matters worse, this $6 figure doesn't account for additions on food purchases and coffee extras. So $6 per day might be below what you actually pay per day.

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Buying A Coffee Machine For Home and Beans (Is It Worth It?)

I get asked this question ALL the time! So for those of you that I scared with the figures above - breathe a sigh of relief because its not all bad news! I am a huge believer of getting yourself some coffee equipment for home. 

Firstly I would like to say that it is not all about the savings. Having the flexibility to have your coffee at home or packed into a keep cup to have on the run is awesome. To make it even sweeter i'm going to show you some real figures to see how much you can save.

For the two examples below, I am going to calculate the costs of using two different types of equipment.

  1. The Breville 'Barista Express' (An incredibly good value and well rounded machine)
  2. A Coffee Plunger 


Breville Barista Express

The retail cost for this machine is valued at $699 - which might seem very expensive to some. Let me show you how this is not the case! 

The average home coffee drinker consuming 1 coffee per day will roughly consume 1kg of whole or ground coffee beans per month. For this example we will use $40 per 1kg bag. 

  • Breville Barista Express - $699 one time purchase
  • 1 KG of Fresh Coffee Beans - $480 per year
  • TOTAL = $1,179 per year.

That is a whopping saving of $1,005. Now to be fair, this doesnt include milk.

If You Drink Milk

  • Dairy - Add $312 per year ($6 per week - 3 Litres)
  • Alternative  - Add $520 ($10 per week - 2 Litres)


Coffee and the couch buy coffee online

  • A decent french press - $40 one time purchase
  • 1 KG of Fresh Coffee Beans - $480 per year
  • TOTAL = $520 per year.

That's a total saving of $1,664 per year! 

Let's Wrap It Up 

I think I can say with confidence I've got you thinking about the money you can save by having more coffee at home. Even if you only buy 3-4 coffee's a week, buying a coffee machine or french press for home will save you money.

The main take-away from this article is:

  • You can save up to $1,664 per year on your daily coffee if you're willing to change the way you drink coffee. 
  • Simply making this small change will actually allow you to still visit your favourite cafe on your day off to enjoy a brekky and a coffee + still save money throughout the year. 


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